Tentoku provides Japanese quality.
With "Takumi" (a craftsman's mindset),
we hope to help you send your important products to markets.
Tentoku helps you to identify outliners at an early period
to keep production profit.
The Right Quality
Tentoku has 16 locations in and outside of Japan support your operations. The Right Place
Tentoku helps you build a timely product supply network. The Right Time
Tentoku supports you to allow high-mix low-volume manufacturers. The Right Quantity
Tentoku allows you to create maximum profits by minimizing losses. The Right Value

Services in Japan

We provide a total range of services for various garments and goods, including inspection, needle detection, X-ray inspection, repair, sewing, finishing, assortment, warehousing and more.

Various garments inspection and goods inspection are for:
- garments (sweaters, polo shirts, sweatwear, shirts, blousons, coats, pants, skirts, undergarments, etc.);
- accessories (shoes, bags, belts, hats, gloves, socks, umbrellas, etc.);
- household items (furniture, beds & bedding, stationery, tableware, etc.);
- decorative items (plush toys, novelty goods, etc.);
and more.


Japan's "Takumi" (a craftsman's mindset) quality

We employee highly-skilled staff who take a craftsman's approach to their work. In addition to inspection work, the services we offer include process management checks to improve factory quality.


Business locations in Japan, China, and the ASEAN region

In addition to our six locations in Japan and five in China, we operate in Thailand, Myanmar, 2 in Vietnam, and Cambodia. At these locations, we fulfill customer needs with an integrated process, which ranges from product inspection and sorting in the country of origin, to distribution, including warehousing, inventory management.