One-Stop Operation Services

By leveraging "THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS" that make up the Tentoku advantage, we do more than inspect products for our customers. We also serve as an agent for everything from factory inspection to progress management. Tentoku offers one-stop operation services so you can provide a steady supply of products across China and the ASEAN region. Whether you're in or outside Japan, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

海外 工場視察代行 インライン/ゼロ次検品 出張/持込検品 アソート出荷 国内 検品 補修 保管 個別配送

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"THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS" by Tentoku, Your Solutions Partner

Skills THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS The right quality THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS The right place THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS The right time THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS The right quantity THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS The right value

Working with customers and factories, we always seek to make "THE 5 RIGHTS THINGS" happen.

Skills The right qualityTentoku performs in-line inspections and zero-order inspections to identify outliners at an early period to keep production profit. This is how we pre-emptively prevent defective items and production process losses.

Working on your behalf, Tentoku conducts pre-production factory inspections, as well as in-line inspections and zero-order inspections at manufacturing plants. By promptly identifying and reporting abnormal values pertaining to quality, we seek to enable a steady supply of products. In the COVID-19 pandemic, the skilled staff at our global locations can carry out your operations for you in a timely manner. We help you build a stable, high-quality product supply network.


Skills The right placeOur skilled locally hired staff check your production site. Tentoku provides advice on everything from identifying issues to building efficient processes. And when a problem is discovered here in Japan, we quickly respond at your company's location here. Feel free to consult with us.

Tentoku can initiate a response from our ten locations outside Japan with a total of 600 workers and workspaces covering approximately 16,500 square meters. These locations are in China (in Shanghai, Nantong, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Qingdao), Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam (in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi), Cambodia.
We also have six locations in Japan with a total of 200 workers and workspaces covering approximately 20,000 square meters. They include our head office in Tokyo, which is the heart of our operations, as well as Kazo in Saitama Prefecture, Niigata, and Shiroi, Kashiwa and Ichikawa in Chiba Prefecture.

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Skills The right timeAfter determining your delivery date, we provide advance factory inspections and other services to identify issues and problems, thus preventing you from defective products or missing delivery deadlines. This is how Tentoku helps you engage in steady production and build a timely product supply network.

Tentoku steps in to conduct advance factory inspections so that you meet your deadlines. Skilled staff at each of our locations identify issues and problems and report them to you so you can make the appropriate adjustments and avoid delivery delays. We can also handle requests made after production starts to carry out in-line inspections, zero-order inspections, or other appropriate services.


Skills The right quantityTentoku can handle an array of production lots flexibly. Furthermore, we can build inspection systems for a diverse range of products.

Tentoku gives customers the services they want, whether for small lots or large. We can handle a wide array of items in addition to accessories and household items. Furthermore, we are ready any time to check for foreign matter with X-rays. We also provide advance factory inspection, progress checks, reporting, and more.

Highlights of past work: beds and bedding, umbrellas, dolls, character merchandise, and various other goods


Skills The right valueTentoku supports services quickly spot losses that escape the naked eye, helping to produce profits for our customers and their factories.

Tentoku steps in to help you meet your deadlines, quality standards, and quotas. The skilled staff at our locations collaborate closely with customers and their factories to perform precision work that minimizes losses. The cumulative mitigation of losses in each process helps to further boost a factory's production profit, while also preventing opportunity loss arising from defective products and delivery delays. All this contributes to ensuring profits for our customers.